“The root of the problem:
The underlying cause or fundamental essence of some issue, 
problem, or difficulty at hand”.

At Strand² Squared we are seeking to address the “root of the problem” by working through an ecological model to impact social and cultural change.

We aim to address trauma.

Our society is complicated and our response to violence must be complicated.

We have to adopt a multi-demential approach to changing the world.
We have to square our efforts.

Stop Sexual Violence Technical Package
The Public Health Approach to
Violence Prevention

The Social-Ecological Model:
A Framework for Prevention

Socio-ecological Model as a Framework for Overcoming Barriers and Challenges in Randomized Control Trials in Minority and Underserved Communities
If we aim to teach individuals, impact their relationships, their organizational cultures, their places of employment, rewrite policy, evolve protocol, create human-centric responses and address wider cultural/societal barriers through applied intersectional strategies- we may just change the world.

While these models are describing “primary prevention”, we will apply their teachings to intervention in order to interrupt patterns.

That is why we are Squared.