Strand² Squared provides comprehensive and cutting-edge training for advocates and allied professionals. All of our trainings are on a foundation of human centric, trauma informed contemporary theory and practice.  Our courses are a blend of live presentations and in-demand.

We can tailor any of our trainings for your
organization, agency or group.

Quarantine Series: Might as well get credits for being at home:

Online Gaming: and its relationship to Crimes Against Persons
Fortnite. Grooming. Crime
March 30, 2020
10:00am-Noon MST

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Eligible for NACP Credits

45 -Hour Victim Advocacy Course
Instructor: Myra Strand
April 1-June 30 (on demand course)
April 1, 2020: 2 hour live course 1-3pm EST

SOLD OUT (See August session)

Strand² Squared April Training Trilogy:
Applying the Art of War to Criminal Justice

Russell Strand will teach the Art of War as it applies to Offenders,
Investigators and Prosecutors. (April 14, 21).
Myra Strand will teach the Art of War for Advocates (April 28)

“Victory usually goes to the army who has better trained officers and men.” 
– Sun Tzu

April 14, 21 and 28
11:00am- 1:00pm MST
– each a 90-minute webinar with 30 minutes after the presentation for Q&A

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Eligible for NACP credits

45 -Hour Victim Advocacy Course
We are pleased to announce that Russell will be joining
Myra as a co-presenter for this session.

Instructors: Russell and Myra Strand
Aug 1-Oct 31 (on demand course)
Aug 3, 2020: 2 hour live course 1-3pm EST

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*Pre-approved for Victim Advocate Certification
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Scheduled classes coming soon:

NOTE: We rearranged some of the dates in order to spend more
time mastering our new art!
-We are determined to provide quality, cutting edge education that is inspiring.
-We just need a little more time to get there!

Professional Wellness and Organizational Trauma
June 1-June 30
20-hour course
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Myra Strand

Safety Planning and Lethality Assessment For crisis interventionists and advocate
July 1- Ending July 31
8- Hours
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Sarah Young Patton

Death Notification and Support for 24/7/365 For crisis interventionists and advocates
July 1- Ending July 31
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Kim Messina

Sexual Violence and Strangulation
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Kelsey McKay

Trauma Informed Response and Care
20- hour course
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructors: Myra and Russell Strand

Understanding Dissociative Disorder
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Olga Trujillo

Implicit Bias and Applied Intersectionality
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Myra Strand

Human Sex Trafficking: sex buyers, victims and traffickers
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Dr. Dominique Roe-Sepowitz

Sex Trafficking
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Rebekah Charleston
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Coming soon:

Mitigating Organizational Trauma

#MenToo: Male Victims of Sexual Assault

Serving Victims with Developmental Disabilities

Complex trauma:  let’s figure out how to be more effective.

40 -hour 24.7.365 crisis interventionist course
Part 1 and Part 2

Pricing is determined on a case by case basis depending on several variables.

-Our ultimate hope is to be affordable and accessible. that said…

We would like to host nationally and internationally leaders as guest faculty consultants to teach (making some courses more expensive than others). to create balance…

-To host guest faculty that are still making a name for themselves, but are still amazing and cutting edge (making some courses more affordable).

-We are always looking for guest faculty consultants. Interested? email to apply