April 14, Live-Webinar: Apply the Art of War to Better Understand Offender Behavior


April 14, 2020
11:00am- 1:00pm MST
– each a 90-minute webinar with 30 minutes after the presentation for Q&A
$50 per live-webinar or $125 for all three.


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All Warfare is Deception” is an unfortunate truth in ancient times – and just as true today. Offenders deceive manipulate and harm. They plow through our society wreaking havoc on unsuspecting victims leaving a trail of trauma and destruction in their path.

We will examine the teachings of this great General to achieve a greater understanding of how offenders often operate and cause such great harm.  Offenders naturally and inherently assimilate the principles of the Art of War in their strategic planning process as they aim to achieve their goal of committing crimes and getting away with those crimes on an all to regular basis. We miss important clues because we don’t understand the tactical planning utilized by offenders.

-Understand how the Art of War applies to offenders
-Translate the principles of the Art of War through the lens of “getting away with it”
-Identify the core needs and motivations of offenders
-Identify offender behavior and “theory of the third persona”
-Review the Art of War tactics offenders use to groom and maintain control over their victims and community
-Discuss how we can aim higher than the low hanging fruit
-Look at crossover research
-Recommend changes to our criminal justice system to more effectively hold offenders accountable