We are a coalition of trainers and educators whose goals align to change the world.

The Strands work here!

Strand² Squared LLC is a small
“Mom and Pop” production.

Myra and Russ provide all of the in-person trainings and many of the online training.

Meet Myra Strand:

Myra Strand, MA, CA, is the Chief servant leader and owner of Strand² Squared LLC where she provides training and education, both in person and through the online academy and consultation and agency support services.  Last year, Strand Squared provided training and education to over 30,000 professionals in the field of trauma. She is also the Chief Barrier Eliminator and Lens Complicator for the Hue.myn Experience, a 501c3.

Myra began working with people who have trauma in 1995. She has experience with youth with complex trauma and serious mental illness, people with developmental disabilities, youth in competing war zones, county inmates, in the area of death notification and with victims of all crime types.

In her previous position as CEO at Victim Witness Services (VWS) for Coconino County, Myra’s focus was to drive the sustainable growth of VWS in three areas: Vicarious Trauma Mitigation, Evidence Informed Practices, and the Expansion of Geographic Reach.  She had a central focus of applying trauma informed response and care.

Myra spent nearly a decade teaching on issues of violence, applied intersectionality and contemporary social issues at Northern Arizona University and later Coconino Community College.

Myra Lives in Flagstaff Arizona with her partner and husband, Russell Strand, two sons and dog, Yeti.

To Learn More about Myra L. F. Strand:

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Meet Russell Strand:

Senior Special Agent (Retired) Russell W. Strand, is a co-founder of Strand² Squared LLC and is a consultant, trainer and educator. He is employed at Strand² Squared as the Creative Visionary.

He provides , systems auditing, training, education and assistance to agencies and service providers around the world while ensuring that Strand² Squared maintains a creative and cutting edge.

As a career law enforcement professional, trainer, educator, writer, and consultant, Russ has distinguished himself as an integral member of the criminal justice community. He began his law enforcement career in 1975 as a military police officer, and then worked as a military police investigator until retiring 22 years later as a senior special agent in the United States Army Criminal Investigations Command. After his first retirement, Russ appointed the Chief of the U.S. Army Military Police Behavioral Sciences Education & Training Division where he worked for 20 years before retiring in 2016.

Russ is widely recognized for his contributions to the field. He was selected to receive the 2012 End Violence Against Women International Visionary Award in recognition of his impact, vision and leadership in ending violence against women around the world. He was selected by the Secretary of Defense to serve on the Congressionally mandated Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault as a member of the Comparative Systems Subcommittee. Russ was inducted into the United States Army Military Police Regimental Hall of Fame.

Russ is unconditionally dedicated to continue his work to build a world that doesn’t currently exist. A world in which every victim of abuse and trauma has confidence in reporting their experience and has a genuine voice that is truly heard. A world in which all professionals responding to trauma and abuse are properly educated and feel confident in all they do. And a world in which we significantly reduce or eliminate all forms of criminal violence and abuse.

To Learn More about Russell Strand:

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Meet our visiting Faculty Consultants:
(this section is updated regularly)

Sarah Young Patton
Associate Director
Victim Witness Services for Coconino County

Sarah will be teaching Safety Planning and Lethality Assessment.
Link to course description (Coming Soon)

Sarahs CV (Coming Soon)
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Kim Messena
Victim Services Manager
Brighton and Commerce City Police Department

Kim will be teaching Death Notification
for 24/7/365 crisis responders
Link to course description (Coming Soon)

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Carli Moncher
Volunteer Rockstar
Click: Rad Grandmas Rockin Change Program

Carlis CV (Coming Soon)
Carlis Biography (Coming Soon)

More Visiting Faculty coming in 2020:
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Olga Trujillo: Click Here to learn more
Kelsey McKay: Click Here to learn more
Rebekah Charleston: Click Here to learn more
Dr. Dominique Roe- Sepowitz: Click Here to learn more

We are a coalition of compelling and cutting edge trainers who want to provide advocates with the skills they need to make a real and tangible difference. We seek to provide tools that will be useful in the field and to challenge and disrupt the status quo. We know that our response matters and that we can do better.

Are you interested in applying to be a trainer educator/entertainer for Strand² Squared?

email: myrastrand@strandsquared.com

Yeti St. Claire Strand:

In 2018,  Yeti expanded his career and became an Strand² Squared LLC practitioner support dog.  Yeti works hand in hand with Strand² Squared LLC staff by lending emotional support and comfort to participants who are disclosing very difficult experiences. He specializes in providing a regulated neurosystem to participants so that their mirror neurons will be an external source of calming peace that may be mirrored and replicated. Yeti also provides the same support to practitioners as they may experience cumulative trauma facilitating disclosures of high stress and trauma experiences.

Yeti is a certified Coco Pups graduate and also attended a portion of a graduate school at “Guide Dogs for the Blind”.  His initial goal was to be paired with someone who needed an extra set of eyes, however,  when he learned about trauma and neuroscience, his knew he wanted to work in trauma response instead.  Further, he isn’t really interested in full time work because, as a natural philosopher, he is dedicated to spending great amounts of time “thinking” about the world in mindful meditation.

Email Myra: myrastrand@strandsquared.com