The Certified FETI Program

Certified FETI is the only interview training endorsed by the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview creator, Russell W. Strand.

It is a science-based methodology designed to educate professionals to use empathic listening and brain-based cues to facilitate collection of psychophysiological evidence from those that have experienced trauma or high stress.  Certified FETI accurately captures an individual’s high stress or trauma enabling others to understand the experience.

Certified FETI requires practitioners to complete a rigorous certification process and meet an ongoing high standard of accountability providing others access to a worldwide database of certified FETI professionals.  The certification process identifies professionals who have obtained the knowledge, skills and abilities to properly utilize the Certified FETI methodology.

Certified FETI is for all professionals responsible for understanding an individual’s high stress or traumatic experience and is useful in any situation involving the need to understand a highly stressful or traumatic experience.

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Russell Strand is the creator of the
Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview.

Russell Strand is an independent consultant
for the Certified FETI Program.