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The Culture we Swim in: “Headlines”
We compiled this video for a presentation on “Rape Culture”
The Images that swim in our head 2019
The way we date and experience sex has changed 2019
What they say about working with Criminal Justice 2019
If you cannot do this,  don’t do this:
You can change the world!!!
Trauma Informed Response and Care:


Her rapist is behind bars because a nurse asked the right questions
Abby Honold said that her nurse used FETI and now her rapist is in jail

Larry Nassar Sentencing Hearing
Russell Strand was mentioned by name a couple names for his work that helped put Larry Nassar behind bars

Russell Strand offers suggestions to get leadership on board to implement policy changes and make the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI) standard operating procedure.

Best of Russell Strand Sexual Offender Behavior
A compilation of key points made by Russell Strand, retired US Army CID special agent and chief of the Family Advocacy Law Enforcement Training Division at the US Army Military Police School.

100 Words on FETI
Russell W. Strand, chief of the Behavioral Sciences Education and Training Division at the U.S. Army Military Police School, explains the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview technique.

100 Words on Deceived
Russell Strand, Chief Behavioral Sciences Education and Training Division U.S. Army Military Police School, shares the story of a close friend who lived a double life and completely fooled even an expert like Mr. Strand. The story illustrates the complexity and difficulty of catching sexual predators.

Russell Strand Speaks at the Army War College
Army War College students, staff, Family members and the Carlisle community heard presentations from retired Army Criminal Investigation Command special agent Russell Strand on sexual assault and harassment awareness training Sept. 24. Strand, chief of the U.S. Army Military Police School Behavioral Sciences Education and Training Division, has more than 30 years of law enforcement, investigative and consultation experience. His expertise and training includes domestic violence intervention, critical incident peer support and sexual assault, trafficking in persons and child abuse investigations.

Russell Strand on Culture Change
Russell Strand, Chief of U.S. Army Military Police School Behavioral Sciences Education and Training Division, presents Culture Change 2015 to soldiers and civilians at Fort Drum, NY. Strand is a leading expert on sexual harassment and sexual assault investigations and spoke at the last four Secretary of the Army SHARP Summits in Washington, D.C.

Russell Strand, a retired U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division, or CID, special agent, is chief of the Behavioral Sciences Education &Training Division for the Army Military Police School.“Messages that you send as leaders are far more powerful than policy that the DoD or the Department of the Army can provide,” said Strand.

Heros Don’t Rape
Russell Strand, Chief of Family Advocacy Law Enforcement Training Division, conducted two SHARP training sessions for senior leaders and Equal Opportunity practitioners on Redstone Arsenal, Aug. 29.

100 Words on the Three Personas
Russell Strand, Chief Behavioral Sciences Education and Training Division U.S. Army Military Police School, offers a fascinating and scary look into the complexity of human behavior. Mr. Strand’s Three Personas theory is a chilling look at why it is often extremely difficult to recognize potential danger.

Russell Strand awarded EVAWI’s 9th Visionary Award
EVAWI’s Visionary Award is designed to recognize individuals for their vision and leadership in ending violence against women. Recipients are thus honored for their individual vision and dedication, rather than the work of an organization. The award is given to an individual who has advanced the field through research or practice, which has increased public awareness of the problem of violence against women and improved the response of criminal justice and community systems. Recipients of the Visionary Award must have victim sensitivity and offender accountability at the center of their professional mission, and they must have demonstrated a willingness to face existing problems and gaps in service and respond by designing, implementing, and evaluating innovative solutions. Because this type of vision, leadership, and innovation is likely to have its detractors – – both within society and in the professional disciplines — the award is designed to recognize the courage of recipients to challenge conventional wisdom and assume the personal and professional risks involved in pursuing these goals.

AFN Casey:  Russell Strand
With over 40 years of experience in law enforcement, retired CID Special Agent Russel Strand has made it his mission to inform military personnel and civilians about the need for sexual assault culture change. Army SGT Anthony Alcantar takes us to one of Mr. Strands seminars in Camp Casey.

Army SHARP Leader visits Fort Benning to discuss Culture Change
Leaders from every echelon are taking sexual crimes among our ranks seriously. That’s why Maneuver Leaders invited Russell Strand, an investigator with decades of experience, to motivate the leaders into changing the very culture of their command.